Green outdoor and rest areas equipped for meeting and sociality, collective spaces based on the architectural principle of the enclosure and the court.

    Common areas for guests

    1. Reception

    2. Vending machines rooms

    3. Restaurant and bar

    4. Library/reading room

    5. Meeting room/party room

    6. Health&Gym room (fitness room)

    7. Cellars

    8. Guest’s laundries

    9. Bathrooms

    10. Car and motorbike parking spaces

    11. External “Points Of Study” in the garden

    12. External “Points Of Grill” in the garden


    Service staff areas

    1. Kitchen

    2. Kitchen office

    3. Kitchen storage/dressing room 

    4. Staff dressing rooms

    5. Management office

    6. Laundries and relative dressing room

    7. Storages

    8. Technical rooms