Relaxing in the nature, living in the wood

    H4S provides a well balanced mix of privacy and socialization, re-interpreting the co-living concept in an environmental friendly way.

    Each apartment is entirely factory-made in wood and mounted on-site, with the highest energy and comfort standards.

    Tons of CO2 saved each year, and hectars of re-forested woods. An environmental responsible choice. Guests can feel and breath the wood, and feel part of the project.

    A detailed and comprehensive Study from PWC shows that for the over 6’000 students of the universities in Ticino there is practically no offer for student accommodation. On the contrary, there is a great demand for affordable serviced apartments for young workers, corporate clients, language students and tertiary education students, but also for tourist and travellers.

    Based on these considerations valoRizE is developing, in cooperation with local architects and specialists, a forwardlooking microliving campus with 457 units, designed to comply with the most modern standards.

    The project is located right beside the Chiasso train station with the best connections to Mendrisio and Lugano, where most of the approximately 6’000 students study. The University of Como is also very well connected by public transport.

    The new headquarters of the Tailoring School and the College of Clothing Technology and Fashion will be built next to the Chiasso train station.

    The building application process is currently ongoing and will be submitted for approval in the summer 2018. The project can be realized in three stages with approx. 110-180 units each. The plan is to create a campus compound consisting of twelve buildings, each with a different number of studio apartments.

    The approximately 24 m2 apartments are offered furnished and fully equipped. In addition to a bed, a desk and a closet, the standard equipment includes a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom.

    Additional services such as Restaurant, library, fitness centre, laundry room and vending machine rooms are provided, as well as freely available bicycles. The monthly rent s CHF 560 / unit, far below the average for comparable offers.


    H4S Microliving is designed as an accommodation facility. Both the apartments and the services are purposely designed for students, in order to offer maximum comfort, privacy, user friendliness and affordability in a convenient location.

    The conception of the campus makes it the ideal solution not only for students but also as a temporary stay for business travelers, thanks to the dedicated business services (fully equipped meeting room, privacy, personal mailbox, etc.).

    H4S is suitable also for short stays – even one night - for tourists and travelers. The rate system is flexible: daily rate, weekly rate, monthly rate or more than 3 months rate. Depending on the demand, a limited number of rooms will be dedicated to short-time stay and equipped as double rooms: no desk, no library but queen-size bed.

    The project aims to maximise an effective management and minimise all kind of running costs, e.g. staff, maintenance, energy, troubleshooting, management etc.