general services


    The reception is located at the ground floor in a barycentric position. Reception manager will take care of a wide range of services that cannot be fully provided by the self-service online system, such as:

    • Concierge services

    • Troubleshooting

    • Request for information

    • Smart-card duplication

    • 24-hour key delivery

    • Laundry and vending machines card delivery

    • Small maintenance coordination

    • Reservation troubles

    • Room/service complains

    • General supervision

    • Unauthorised access supervision

    • Cleaning staff and maintenance staff access support

    Restaurant and bar

    Self-service restaurant and bar, opened to public. Special menu rate for H4S customers; breakfast, half-board and full-board possibility.

    Restaurant and bar can be reserved by H4S customers for parties and private events.


    Self-service laundry rooms equipped with industrial washing machines, dryers and iron. Reservations via web, use and payment through smart card (billed to the room) or credit card. No tokens or coins allowed. Cleaning aid (e.g. vacuum cleaner, broom, mop) available free of charge.


    Meeting room

    A generous lobby provides the opportunity to welcome business partners and clients adequately, reserving your private meeting room entirely for yourselves. Meeting room is equipped with meeting table, broadband internet connection, 50’’ flat screen smart-TV, multi-function printer/scanner, mini-bar and coffee-machine.


    Vending machines

    The vending machine rooms, open 24/7, act as aggregation points and socialisation centres. They host a complete set of vending machines. Number and position of the machines are defined according to the prospected use, but can be changed to follow user's habits and suggestions.

    The machines are distributed as follows:

    Reception, Restaurant, House B, House F:

    1. Coffee (also grains), tea, cocoa, barley, ginseng, dek, broth

    2. Snacks, sandwiches, fresh products, cans and bottles. Refrigerated at 3 °C

    3. Bread, pasta, sugar, fruit and vegetables. Refrigerated and programmable

    4. Ice-creams

    5. Purified water

    6. Pop-corn

    7. French fries

    8. Orange juice and other juices

    House A, House C:

    1. Coffee (also grains), tea, cocoa, barley, ginseng, dek, broth

    2. Snacks, sandwiches, fresh products, cans and bottles. Refrigerated at 3 °C

    3. Ice-creams

    4. Purified water

    5. Orange juice and other juices

    Meeting room:

    1. Coffee (also grains), tea, cocoa, barley, ginseng, dek, broth

    Self-service laundries (6X):

    1. Coffee (also grains), tea, cocoa, barley, ginseng, dek, broth

    2. Purified water

    Other services

    Library/reading room

    Free access and possibility to pick up (and give back) books for free. No staff, the service will be via book sharing.


    All the studio apartments are easily accessible through elevators.


    Fully equipped gym for H4S guests, free access. Access to nearby fitness centre at discounted prices (partnership programme).

    Personal mailbox

    Private post-box with personal digital key (smart card authorisation) and valid address included. 

    Internet connection

    Free Wi-Fi internet connection in all the common areas. 

    Dedicated and reliable internet connection for management staff.

    Connection will be guaranteed 24/7. A backup redundant service will flank the main connection.


    Private cellars available at extra cost in the underground. Access via Smart-card.

    24/7 security

    H4S is supervised by surveillance CCTV cameras connected to a private security agency. 

    Point of Study

    Open-air Points of Study in the garden will provide a pleasant meeting point for students in the temperate seasons.

    Points of grill

    Open-air Point of Grill in the garden offer a pleasant socialisation opportunity for all the guests