Mobility services

    Bike and E-Bike rent

    E-bikes (pedal-assisted bicycles) are equipped with a 250 W electric gear, don’t have plate and can circulate in bike lanes.

    This service will grant a convenient and inexpensive way to shorten commuting time between H4S and Mendrisio, as well as the nearby facilities and attractions. 

    USI – Accademia di Architettura is just 6.7 km from H4S, reachable in around 30 minutes via bike, even less with e-bike.

    SUPSI – University is located 8.1 km away and is reachable in around 35 minutes via bike, even less with e-bike.

    Shuttle bus

    The H4S shuttle bus connects H4S to USI and SUPSI in Mendrisio in just 15 minutes in the most comfortable way. Available with different subscription packages.   

    The shuttle service can benefit from cantonal contribution subject to the approval of a mobility plan.

    Car-sharing FFS

    A car-sharing service is available in Chiasso FFS station. Mobility has stations all over Ticino, including 2 in Mendrisio and 4 in Lugano, one of which right in the USI university. Cars must be given back in the same station of departure. Guests may share a car to economise costs. Example:

    Budget car from Chiasso station to Mendrisio and back, 4 hours, 20 km: 19 CHF, 4 passengers, all inclusive (gasoline, etc.).

    TranZBag rent (optional service)

    TranZBag is a nylon bag, especially designed and approved by FFS for bike transport in trains at no extra cost.

    Guests can rent it from H4S at a very convenient rate, or buy it from the FFS website.

    Combining bike and train allows to reach the nearby universities in a fast way:

    SUPSI, Mendrisio: 4 minutes bike + 7/8 minutes train + 4 minutes bike = 16/17 minutes

    USI, Mendrisio: 4 minutes bike + 7/8 minutes train + 3 minutes bike = 15/16 minutes

    USI, Lugano: 4 minutes bike + 25/28 minutes train + 6 minutes bike = 35/38 minutes

    SUPSI, Manno: 4 minutes bike + 34 minutes train + 6 minutes bike = 44 minutes

    Public transportation

    Guests will receive an Ape-card, a pre-paid card for public transportation payments allowing a discount up to 14% on basic fares.

    Electric car-charge

    Point of charge for electric cars at the entrance of H4S, available for guests and staff.


    22 underground and 3 ground floor parking spaces available at extra charge. Free bike and motorbike parking, external.