One of the most important goals in the development of H4S was to reduce the environmental footprint as small as possible. All H4S apartments are made entirely of wood. Wood is a natural building material, in the process of growing it absorbs CO² from the atmosphere. It’s light and very strong, it provides great thermal insulation both in winter and in summer, it’s got a nice warm touch and cozy feel. Wood breathes and regulates the humidity and climate of your room naturally. Studies have found that people are more relaxed in wooden rooms and their heart rate goes down. Wood has traditionally been the most important building material in ancient times and is currently making a big comeback. With the latest fire precautions, wood buildings are now as safe as any other modern building. For their own nature, wooden structures have excellent behaviour under earthquakes. Modern wooden structures, besides being ecological, are therefore safe, stable and long-lasting.

    H4S is designed with a strong focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS): reforesting, fair and responsible timber procurement, environmental footprint reduction, energy saving, CO² reduction, use of fully recyclable materials are topics with a positive contribute to CRS.

    Our wood comes from sustainably managed and certified woods. Wood is the only building material with a positive CO² footprint: H4S compensates the CO² emissions of an entire conventional building! The 4’180 m³ of wood used for H4S construction will bound about 3’800 tons of CO² from the atmosphere. That’s the CO² equivalent of 25 million kilometres by car: more than all the H4S students making an “around the world” car trip!

    The combination of the positive environmental impact, the good building properties (stable, light, well-insulated, factory-made, breathing surface) and the cozy feeling of wooden surfaces, made wood the first choice for our project.

    The individual wooden units are built in factory, transported and stacked on-site. Prefabrication and economies of scale allow faster construction and improve the building quality. The indoor industrialized production means factory precision and flawless realization.