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    • Flexibility and versatility are keywords that shape today's job market. The temporary employment in one place or the change of fields of activity are the result of this. Young, flexible workers temporarily residing in the Chiasso region thus form another target group.

    • In order to meet the needs of this target group, so-called coliving and corworking concepts are increasingly being created. While the now well-known coworking is about shared workspaces, the Coliving is a collective form of living. Both concepts are based on the common approach.

    • Coliving is a temporary home, which offers furnished living spaces, hotel-like amenities such as cleaning or laundry. In addition to the private living spaces, shared spaces are also available, which allow the residents to eat, cook or spend time together.

    • A minimum stay of 1-12 months for Coliving is usually given and thus allows the emergence of a community.

    • Depending on the concept, private rooms may consist of mini-apartments or shared rooms.


    • Corporate clients who want to hold workshops or "retreats" form another target group.

    • More and more companies are looking for so-called "break-out sessions", "strategy meetings", "company retreats" or similar concepts, premises that provide enough space and peace to be able to work productively on the one hand and shared values such as "Teambuilding ".

    • In a relaxed atmosphere, away from big cities and congress hotels, more and more companies hope for an inspiring environment for their employees.

    • The concepts of coworking and coliving are combined here. In shared areas, meetings and workshops can be held, while the private rooms serve as retreats.

    • The accommodation of corporate clients or smaller groups may supplement the occupancy of students or young workers.


    • A complementary target group are tourists who want to explore the region in peace.

    • These include, on the one hand, senior citizens, who are still firmly in their own lives and capable of doing well. This target group likes to travel a lot and at the same time appreciates an environment that allows for some flexibility and where it is possible to do domestic activities such as washing and cooking.

    • In addition, this includes persons who make a "sabbatical" or another form of work break. Due to its good transport links, Chiasso offers a good starting point for exploring the region.


    Language students like to learn a language on the spot, so they are definitely in the target group. As the language courses usually take place during the semester break, when the majority of students drive home to their families, language students form a complementary target group. The rooms, which are rented to students during the semester, could be rented to students during the semester break.

    • Swiss Language School, Chiasso

    English and German courses

    • "inlinguaComo", Como

    14 different languages courses in the summer, but also teach with private tutors.

    They offer three different accommodations from 1’920 to 3’458 CHF/month


    The biggest Swiss universities are located in a radius of approx. 30 minutes. The closest universities anyway are located in Como, only 4 minutes from Chiasso by train.

    1. Chiasso (300 students)

    Professional and secondary schools

    SMC - Scuola media di commercio (SMC)

    SPC - Scuola professionale commerciale (SPC)

    SAMS - Scuola d’arti e mestieri della sartoria Lugano (planned)

    STA - Scuola specializzata superiore di abbigliamento e design della moda (planned

    2. Como (11'800 students, 4 min. da Chiasso)


    Università degli studi Insubria (Varese/Como 11'000 students)

    Politecnico di Milano (800 students)

    3. Mendrisio (1'400 students, 20 min. da Chiasso)

    Universities and Applied sciences

    USI – Università della Svizzera Italiana, Campus Architettura (800 students)

    SUPSI - Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana (new Campus for 600 students - planned)

    Professional and secondary schools

    SCOS – Scuola per operatori sociosanitari

    SSS – Scuola specializzata superiore per educatori dell’infanzia

    SPAI – Scuola professionale artigianale ed industriale

    4. Lugano (7'200 students, 30 min. da Chiasso)

    Universities and Applied sciences

    USI – Università della Svizzera Italiana (2'000 students)

    SUPSI – Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana (4'470 students)

    Private higher schools

    Facoltà di Teologia di Lugano (300 students)

    Franklin University (360 students)

    Other high schools

    Istituto universitario federale per la formazione professionale

    Virginia Tech Program at the Steger Center

    Professional and secondary schools

    SMC -Scuola media di commercio

    SPC – scuola professionale commerciale

    5. Varese (6'765 students, 34 min. da Chiasso)


    Università degli studi Insubria (6’765 students)

    6. Milano (152'000 students, 44 min. da Chiasso)


    Politecnico di Milano (42'000 students)

    Università degli Studi di Milano (66'000 students)

    Università commerciale Bocconi (14'000 students)

    Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (30'000 students)