Chiasso is located within the administrative district of Mendrisio of the canton Ticino, near the A2 motorway (Basel-Lucerne-Gotthard-Lugano-Chiasso), which flows into the Italian A9 in the direction of Milan, whose city centre can be reached by car in less than 45 minutes. The Chiasso train station has been connected to the Gottardo basis tunnel, opened in 2016, making it part of the connection between Italy and the German-speaking Switzerland. The property is conveniently located within easy walking distance of the railway station, with several bus stops nearby and only one kilometre to the next motorway exit (A2). Shops of daily necessities are numerous in Chiasso and various leisure activities such as cinemas, sports facilities, restaurants etc. are all close by. Also in close proximity to the property is a post office and a selection of different banks.


    • According to the FSO, Chiasso is an «urban workplace community» and Part of the medium-sized agglomeration Chiasso-Mendrisio.

    • The fastest car-reachable centres are Mendrisio (11 min.), Lugano (26 min min.) And Bellinzona (37 min.).

    • Public transport is the quickest way to get to Como (4 min.), Mendrisio (20 min.), Lugano (30 min.) and Bellinzona (59 min.) but will decrease in the future due to major infrastructure projects.

    • The nearest airport is Lugano, 26 minutes by car; by public transport it takes at least an hour. Milan airport is reachable in 47 minutes by car, almost 2h by public transport.


    Population growth has been just under 2% in the last 10 years, below the Swiss average. However, foreigners share grew disproportionately from 35% to 42%. Chiasso stands out with an above-average 47.8% (Switzerland: 37.3%). The proportion of young couples and singles under 34 is only 9% (throughout Switzerland: 13.1%), but according to the living and quality of life index of FPRE Chiasso is a very good place.


    Chiasso is above all an hub between Switzerland and Italy, but has not much local industry and commercial activities. 87% of employees are thus active in the service sector; that is far above the Swiss average (75%). People coming daily to Chiasso for work are 4 times the ones who commute away from Chiasso. Good 1/5 of the commuters come from Italy.

    Building activity in Chiasso

    With an average construction activity of 38 apartments (2010 – 2015, 0.78% of the stock in 2010), the vacancy rate is 4.27%, well above the national 1.45% average. This corresponds to 226 residential units, of which 58% are old buildings. According to the prospective model housing of FPRE, in the average scenario an additional demand of 686 apartments (46 per year) should be expected between 2015 and 2030 in the municipality of Chiasso.




    Activities in the area

    Chiasso, Pedrinate and Seseglio are located in the southernmost tip of the Switzerland. The Customs borders with Lombardy in Italy and is an important starting point for discovering a variety of experiences in the Mendrisiotto. The park of the Breggia gorges, the Muggiotal and the Monte Generoso are in the immediate vicinity.

    Chiasso serves as an important centre for commerce and traffic. Along Corso San Gottardo a variety of events take place, which attract many visitors every year (for example, Jazz Festival and Carnival Nebiopoli), theatres, museums and art galleries.

    • Penz - The hill, which is considered the southernmost point of Switzerland, offers a variety of excursions, such as a theme path about the theory and practice of wine-making.

    • Park of the Breggia gorges with 12 km hiking network

    • Cinema Teatro - The building from 1935 is a symbol for classicism and rationalism from the 20th century. The performance programs include music, dance and theatre.

    • M.a.x. Museum - In the museum displaying the graphic works of Max Huber are also hosted temporary exhibitions and educational events.

    Students can in their free time play sports like hiking, climbing, canyoning and mountain biking or even explore the nearby touristic area of the Como lake.


    The bar offer for students is pleasant and informal and is expected to increase even more with the influx of students.

    H4S guests can enjoy the nearby vibrant and touristic Como nightlife. Como borders with Chiasso and its centre is reachabke in 10' by car.